Our services list is extensive & ranges from sheet metal development through to frames and structures & general mechanical design & drafting. We also offer paper to CAD conversions & 3D Printing & Scanning services as well as 3 axis milling/routing.

Sheet metal development


A particular strength of BLH Drafting & Design Services is our ability to design accurate and manufacturable sheet metal parts and assemblies. This is accomplished using Autodesk Inventor software which has a purpse built Sheet metal design environment with specific tools to deal with the complox mature of folded and puched sheet metal designs. We provide the design, the drawing and the shape file (generally DXF) for the laser/plasma/turret punch machines or for manual development and cutting.


Designing for rototational molding is another not so comon strenth we have. Many of the pictures on the Portfolio webpage have been designed for roto-molding purposes, and most customers also get the molds also designed by us. The adjacent picture is of the mold for the cone section of the Fan project that can bee seen on various pages of this website. It used a large amount of sheet metal to create the smooth form of the finished roto-molded part.

Frames & Structures


There is a host of tools available in the Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software to effortlessly generate frames and structures using industry standard profiles or custom profiles that we can generate the shape definition file of and use in the rame or structure.


The developed drawing for the frame/structure is completed by including a full cutlist of material profiles needed which can be used for Material Take Off and quantity purposes.

Paper to CAD conversions


Some customers have existing hand drawin drawngs and they require them to be updated and brought into the modern manufacturing environment. Detailed attention needs to be applied when undertaking this task and BLH Drafting & Design Services prides itself on our ability to pay attention to detail to ensure the updated issue of these drawings is completed without errors.


Many of our customers have drawings in imperial measurments and based on imperial steel members, most of which are no longer commercially available. We can update and swap out these old members for modern sized members to Australian and international standards.

Product Lifecycle Management


Most of our customers don't require Product Lifecycle Management, but for those who do rest assured we can cater for your needs. Using tAutodesk Vault data manageent software we can control the revisions na dlufecycles of your files from initial design (called Work In Progress) through to a manufactured state (called Approved For Manufacture) and finishing when the file is no longer in production (called Obsolete). There are further lifecycle stages inbetween those mentioned that further offer stages of the life of the files.

3D Printing & Scanning & Routing


Additive manufacturing (such as 3D printing) has changed the face of design and manufacturing forever. No long are designers constrained to the commercially available materials and sizes. BLH Drafting & Design Services uses the last in small form factor 3D printing using ABS and PLA to provide 1:1 or scaled models for product verification before the customer commits extensive cash resurces to having a full scale part ort assebly made.


We can also scane existing small parts into a new 3D CAD model, ready for manipulation and scaling and re-printing.


Pictured left is a 1:12 set of 3D printed parts for the Fan project that can be seen on other pages of this website.