Our Story

BLH Drafting & Design Services is a small company specialising in providing 2D and 3D mechanical design and drafting services. We focus on providing individual attention to the customer and project alike - 'on time and on budget'. We assist small and medium businesses in the product design and development lifecycle.



Rapid advances in Computer Aided Design (CAD) including parametric modelling techniques have drastically decreased the time and cost of product design and development. This enables full product design, evaluation, costing and simulation before any physical work, materials and machines have been utilised, potentially saving thousands of dollars and hundreds or hours.



Established in 2003, we began using AutoCAD 2D drafting software for simple designs such as deck frames, to pro bono design and manufacture of a basket ball mechanism for the local school and other such designs.



In 2008 we installed Autodesk Inventor, a 3D mechanical and solid modelling software package for developing 3D digital prototypes and designs parametrically. This acquisition greatly enhanced our capabilities and also drastically reduced the development and drafting times of these models. This brings around many time and cost saving benifits to the customer.


​2D and 3D mechanical design and drafting can be a very complex business. Conversely our philosophy is simple - on budget, on time and the 3 F's (form, fit and function). We scope the project to find out exactly what you require and then deliver on that scope. Attention to detail is paramount at BLH Drafting & Design Services. It's no difference whether it is a simple sheetmetal part or a fully designed mechanical apparatus, the same design philosophy is applied.